Cutting To The Core


Viva Gym has positioned itself as an affordable ‘dry gym’ (i.e. no sauna or pool). Based in Johannesburg with seven branches currently, they go out of their way to make their members feel at home.

The Challenge

Their relaxed, friendly attitude didn’t translate well online as their website was outdated – filled with broken links and old, unused blog sections. The challenge, as with personal fitness, was to get Viva Gym in shape in the eyes of potential online customers. We needed to ‘work on their core’: retain all the most valuable information and keep it easily accessible, while trimming the fat.

Brief Execution

By creating optimised landing page templates, we were better able to direct visitors to their site down the correct path and in so doing, increase conversions. We removed confusing navigation to limit the number of exits from the landing page. 

We retained Viva Gym’s friendly convivial attitude by including their workout catchphrases, their Instagram account, easily accessible timetables, and a drone fly-through of the facilities – to name just a few of the ways we offered insight into the opportunity to join.

Viva Gym Landing Page Design


With Viva Gym, we were able to clearly articulate new offers and campaigns, proudly showing off the facilities without coming across as ‘pushy’ or too contrived.

Spring into it Campaign

2018 Campaign Mailers
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Keeping track of (and rewarding) members:

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