Online Support for a Popular Shoe Store’s Achilles Heel


The Athletes Foot is a specialist running shoe store, based in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront, with a great local reputation. After three decades of solid foot traffic, COVID-19 happened and, like many brick-and-mortar businesses, The Athletes Foot had to adapt to survive.

The Challenge

Having been so reliant on the tourism industry and walk-in customers had left The Athletes Foot at a disadvantage when it came to having an online presence to speak of. I was tasked by their strategist, Brett Faure, to help grow online sales. This was in conjunction with a Google Ads campaign that was run by Aidan van Vuuren.

Our baseline was zero, as this was their first website of any meaningful significance. Shoes come in lots of sizes and lots of styles! The Athletes Foot pride themselves on their wide selection and expert knowledge when it comes to choosing the right shoe for you. Communicating all this information would be key.

Brief Execution

It was important for myself and the team that I worked with that we were consistent in our messaging to convey a sense of assuredness and reliability that The Athletes Foot has come to be known for over the years.

Our strategy, therefore, involved putting out a consistent amount of high-quality email campaigns, coupled with engaging social media content. At the same time, we worked on improving the website’s functionality, ensuring that every shoe in every size was properly accounted for with the right pricing, product information, and pack shots.

Shopify website design


All monthly sales targets were exceeded, keeping the client and customers both happy. It’s worth noting that this was a time in our lives when the beaches were closed and freedom of movement was restricted.

The Athletes Foot was able to turn crisis into opportunity and translate their household name into an online store frontage that further enhanced their reputation as a trusted sports shoe brand at a time when ‘the great outdoors’ and running and hiking has never seemed more appealing. I’m proud to have played my part in the swift and clear execution of their strategy.

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