Holistika offers health counselling, nutritional advice, exercise advice, and helping identify stress-related factors for people struggling with the travails of everyday life.

The Challenge

Design a ‘one pager’ website that allows users to connect with Dom in an instant. To achieve this he needs to be portrayed as looking trustworthy and professional, approachable and experienced.

Brief Execution

To inspire trust and confidence, I chose to include lots of photos of Dom practicing what he preaches. Photos were an effective way to demonstrate what Dom does in terms of healing.


Holistika is an example of my promise to make web design accessible to all business owners that I work with. By creating a platform using WordPress and Elementor that allows our clients to manage their site themselves, I can reduce their long-term web development costs. 

WordPress, paired with the Elementor page builder, is empowering for business owners as it provides great functionality without needing to understand code. With Holistika in this instance, I was able to efficiently build an aesthetic website that Dom, the owner, will be able to update as he sees fit.

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