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Graphic Design, Social Media

During the height of South Africa’s education crisis, Feenix wanted to share a message that would connect the inspired and address the overwhelming need for accessible tertiary education. With nearly no budget but the enthusiasm of ambitious students and philanthropic influencers, we created the #SelfieLikeABoss campaign, challenging online users to take a shameless promotional selfie that would help raise funds for South African university students.


Primary target – Donors​

Corporate and individual funders were challenged to: ​
• Take a #SelfieLikeABoss and,​
• Nominate two people who are working towards a positive future, ​
• Using the hashtags, #SelfieLikeABoss and #GoogleFeenix. ​


Secondary target – Students

Students posted photos of themselves in their aspiring roles, including a compelling caption: 
• Highlighting their career aspiration and, 
• Nominating two other people to take a #SelfieLikeABoss.

They included a link to their Feenix profile, where potential funders could donate. 



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